2 comments on “Warrior’s Judgement: Dead or Alive 6 does an Oopsie with it’s first of many Season Passes.

  1. Nice article but you could dig a little deeper. Right now you’re not really saying anything that hasn’t been said already. When it comes to DOA, didn’t this problem start with DOA5: Last Round (doesn’t it cost over $1000 to buy all DLC?) And with DW series it started with DW7.

    Could you perhaps try to get an interview from one of the employees at KOEI-Tecmo and hear their thoughts on the matter? I don’t know any other major game company with this kind of weird Season Pass pricing policy. SP1 for DW9 was still reasonable (though it was ridiculous that 4 extra scenarios only costed 1 € less than the whole season pass…) but they’ve definitely gone overboard with SP2 and SP3 as they cost 50 € each. And what do you get for that price? Some new weapons (which all aren’t even “new” as they’re from previous entries), 4 new scenarios (granted, they’re unique what-ifs and can easily take +5h to complete which isn’t that bad) and… a whole bunch of costumes which are only a cosmetic value.

    Anyone would expect to get a lot more content for 50 € and not just weird looking or out-of-place costumes… Costumes used to be a thing for DOA series and it sucks to see that now most of the extra content for Warriors series seems to be just costumes. I’m pretty sure players would be more interested in seeing new characters, weapons, scenariors, game modes etc. instead

    What’s worse is, at least in UK/Europe, the season passes never go on sale. Spider-Man for PS4 is still quite a new game and even it has had a sale on season pass.

    • Thanks for your response, it’s really appreciated. I’m still getting the hang of doing this style of article, but will put more of an in-depth analysis (if required) in future editions.

      As for DOA5LR, I’ve seen many of the videos covering it, but the pricing (shown via the Steam DLC list) seems to be skewed as I believe (may be wrong) the DLC list covers both individual packs and the sets they are bundled together with (effectively purchasing the same DLC more than once at that bundled “full” price). It is stupid for KT to have the DLC listed like that either way.

      Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8 both had quite a lot of additional DLC, however aside the costumes (which even back then at a way cheaper price felt steep), the actual content packs – like the DW3/DW5 remade levels, new weapons etc – were reasonably priced at a few quid a pop.

      As for interviews and that, I’ll have to speak with some guys over at KT Europe and see if we can arrange anything, so thanks for that feedback!

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