Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada


 Release Dates: 05/23/2017(US), 26/05/2017(EU)
 Platform: PS4, Steam
 Genre: Hack ‘N’ Slash
 Developer: Omega Force
 Publisher: KOEI Tecmo
 Players: 1


New Characters


New Characters


Name: Chacha
Playable: Yes
Clan: Toyotomi
Weapon: Kanzashi
Voice Artist: Kōno Marika



Name: Lady Muramatsu
Playable: No
Clan: Sanada
Weapon: N/A
Voice Artist: Maeda Ayaka



Name: Sanada Masayuki
Playable: Yes
Clan: Sanada
Weapon: Bardiche with Banner
Voice Artist: Miyake Kenta



Name: Sasuke
Playable: Yes
Clan: Sanada
Weapon: Arm Blades
Voice Artist: Azakami Yōhei



Name: Takeda Katsuyori
Playable: Yes
Clan: Takeda
Weapon: Spear
Voice Artist: Okamoto Hiroshi



Name: Tokugawa Hidetada
Playable: Yes
Clan: Tokugawa
Weapon: Sword
Voice Artist: Handa Yūsuke