Warriors Orochi 2


 Release Dates: 09/19/2008(US), 23/09/2008(EU)
 Platform: PS2, PSP, XBOX360
 Genre: Hack ‘N’ Slash
 Developer: Omega Force
 Publisher: KOEI Tecmo
 Players: 1-2



2 comments on “Warriors Orochi 2

  1. Hey, I have a bunch of the art from the old Warriors.uk site for these games if there’s any want for them.

    • What art do you have? We have a lot of the old assets from the original site, so more so lack of content is down to our very small team then access to it. But if you’d like to share with us what you have to my email xenoshaun@gmail.com – It’d be most welcome 🙂

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