Release Dates: 01/13/2015(US), 14/01/2015(EU)
 Platform: PS Vita
 Genre: RPG
 Developer: Gust
 Publisher: KOEI Tecmo
 Players: 1


New Features




Ava01 - Ayesha Ava02 - Keithgriff Ava03 - Nio Ava04 - Juris Ava05 - Odelia Ava06 - Regina Ava07 - WillBell





01 - Ayesha 02 - Juris 03 - Keithgriff 04 - Nio 05 - Odelia 06 - Regina 07 - Willbell



New Features


  • Additional Costumes. New costumes never before seen on the PS3 Version! Including Swimwear, Summer Wear and Bikinis!
  • New Bosses. Numerous new powerful boss monsters are littered around the land of Dusk. Are you up for the task?
  • Additional Fields. Completely new areas for you to explore, including the aptly named “Cow Paradise”!
  • New Characters. Two new characters join the party! Marion and Odelia!
  • Album Missions. Enjoy this new type of missions which require you to unlock different parts to an album that’ll reward you greatly!
  • Additional Accessories. New accessories never before seen on the PS3 version! Including various types of hats, glasses and more!
  • Hard Mode! Did you find your journey too easy on the PS3? Now enjoy the game on Hard Mode where enemies will have increased HP and act smarter and more tactful!
  • Extreme Foes. Take the game even further with new Extremely Powerful foes that’ll make even the most veteran Atelier Ayesha player cower in fear!





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