Release Dates: 02/24/2015(US), 27/02/2015(EU)
 Platform: PS3, PS4, XBOX One, PC
 Genre: Hack ‘N’ Slash
 Developer: Omega Force
 Publisher: KOEI Tecmo
 Players: 1-2


New Character
Weapon Changes


New Character



 Xun Yu (荀彧)
One of Cao Cao’s advisors, he introduced many talents including Guo Jia and Sima Yi to him. A Han loyalist, he kept urging Cao Cao to stay loyal to the Han emperor. Said to be committing suicide at the end.








Weapon Changes


1-SunQuan 2-WangYi 3-GuanSuo 4-LianShi 5-LiuShan 6-DengAi 7-MengHuo 8-YueYing 9-XiaoQiao


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