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2 comments on “Site

  1. Hello there! I write for a small Danish game company called Polyspice.
    I’d like to write about The Legend of Zelda: Age of Calamity and BotW in one long, perhaps overdue article in preparation for BotW 2’s next revelation. I initially was approaching Nintendo directly about this but their partnerships go through 360PR+ and so I’m messaging you folks instead for the moment.
    It having been more than a year since release of Age of Calamity, I realize there probably are no NA Region Keys left, but I figured I should ask to be sure.
    I do Copywriting work officially for Polyspice while also writing for the Game Recommendation articles you will also see on
    God bless you folks, I’ve adored Hyrule Warriors’ Wii U and Switch versions, and Dynasty Warriors 5 was a staple of my time in High School.

    Stay safe in these dangerous times.

    • Hello Robert,

      Unfortunately we have no access to review codes or promo codes for Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity due to Nintendo holding full publishing rights of the title, so it will have to be done through them.

      It is great to hear you are a fan of the Warriors franchise, and we wish you luck in your ventures with Polyspice. Stay safe!

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