Sangokushi Heroes


 Release Dates: Unreleased(US), Unreleased(EU)
 Platform: iOS, Android
 Genre: Turn-Based Strategy, Board Game
 Developer: HEROZ
 Publisher: KOEI Tecmo
 Players: 1+


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You can download the game for free now from the Google Play store and Apple Store in Japan. Links to the individual stores are below:



General Information



Combining the ease of a tabletop Board Game with the straight up competitiveness of e-sports, the player must use his/her knowledge to acquire victory like Shogi or Go. The rules are simple! You can enjoy a simple yet deep experience.

The Genius AI “Garyu” is your foe!
Challenge mankind vs AI’s strongest foe “Garyu”!
With full cooperation by HEROZ, the strongest AI development group in Japan. In single player, fight against the genius AI “Garyu”, with various difficulty levels from introductory levels to advanced levels.

Compete with others fiercely in multiplayer!
You can play against players nationwide any place, any time. The simplicity of the game is great for short rounds of play. You can enjoy a Gachi battle full of tension!

KOEI Tecmo’s New Three Kingdoms Philosophy!
Famous warlords of the Three Kingdoms are reborn with a newly drawn visual style and voices by talented voice actors, developing a completely fresh world for the Three Kingdoms.
In “Story Mode”, you can enjoy the story of both Heroes and Heroines in a new light not seen before!