Release Dates: 09/29/2015(US), 02/10/2015(EU)
 Platform: PS3, PS4, PS Vita, PC
 Genre: Hack ‘N’ Slash
 Developer: Omega Force
 Publisher: KOEI Tecmo
 Players: 1-2


Game Features
New Character




NaomasaIi-1 NaomasaIi-2 NaotoraIi-1 NaotoraIi-2




Game Features


  • All features are retained. All the game features from Samurai Warriors 4 make their return here.
  • New Character. A new character joins the fray, Naomasa Ii of the Tokugawa.
  • Horse Skills. You can now upgrade your horses and add and change skills they receive.
  • More unique character stories. There are more unique opportunities and events based on the character you pick for each story mode battle.
  • AI and Camera improvements. The enemy AI has been reworked to be smarter and react to your movements faster. While moving fast or riding a horse, the camera follows and keeps up better.
  • What-If Scenarios return. What-If scenarios for various characters will be appearing as extra stages for you to enjoy.
  • Dream Castle Mode also returns. Dream Castle Mode featured in Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 will be returning, where you fight as a warrior to make your way up a tower performing numerous challenges and missions.
  • Weapon Optimisation. Weapon Attributes can be used to improve your character building, along with scrolls adding new ways to upgrade them.
  • Hyper Attacks improved. Hyper Attacks have been revamped to become more powerful when your allies morale is high.
  • Much much more yet to be revealed…




New Character




 Naomasa Ii
~Tokugawa Forces~
As one of the Four Great Kings of Tokugawa alongside Tadakatsu Honda, he fights bravely  for his lord Ieyasu. Known for his crimson red armour, his unit was known as “The Red Devils” and was very much feared on the battlefield.
He wields a Pointed Spear to decimate all those that stand in his lords way.







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