4 comments on “The first Season Pass for Dead or Alive 6 has been detailed, including new fighters!

  1. do we know if the content from the first season pass wil be the same stuff the digital deluxe pre order version gets ? wil could there be stuff that wont be includzd in it and only seperate or with the season pass? curios sinds i have the deluxe digital version not wanting to pay twice if its the same content without th eseason pass :p

    • To our knowledge, the Deluxe Edition does not come with this Season Pass content. The Deluxe Edition comes with Phase 4, a 25 costume set and selection of BGMs. The pre-order depending on where bought gets Nyotengu as well.

  2. I think he is asking if Phase 4 will be among the season pass characters, or just for the deluxe versions.. Kind of wondering that too..

    • Then you have nothing to worry about. The Season Pass content will not offer anything the Deluxe Edition / Pre-order bonuses offer. Phase 4 and Nyotengu will be up for purchase individually soon after release for those who didn’t get them initially. Season Pass #1 will only include two KOF fighters as new characters.

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