14 comments on “POLL: What do you want to see come West most from KOEI-Tecmo?

  1. PLEASE FATAL FRAME V!!!!! I’m tired of the series getting denied by NOA that game will SAVE!! The wii u. And that I promise #wewantfatalframe

  2. I think it is no contest, look at the numbers. I will say nothing more as I don’t wish to jinx it but what I am seeing is beautiful.

  3. The games that I think would sell the most are fatal frame and Dragon quest
    most people I know in the US want are fatal frame
    Btw even though alot just assume the US doesn’t like RPGs those games are alot more popular in the US then most people realize only problem is most game company’s or atleast the big ones pay a lot of money to drown the media with advertising and exposure for their first person shooters that ends up making us miss out on alot of good titles so pretty much the problem isn’t that Americans don’t like these games it’s just that we don’t have enough information and sometimes I don’t even know they exist majority of these games they would sell pretty well but only to those who actually know about them

  4. Also keep in mind that I’m alot more informed then the average American player so if I haven’t heard of something chances are pretty slim for other more casual players to find out about those games

    • It shouldn’t be down to the common gamer to seek out and find information of games existence, it’s the marketing teams job that these games appear into their lives.

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