As part of our grand Network for KOEI Warriors and KOEI Warriors: Conquerors, we have a Facebook page which offers it’s own kind of content and it’s own fun segments for fans to engage with. It will also be another way to stay connected with us and receive KOEI-Tecmo news!

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The KOEI Warriors: Conquerors official forum. The key place for our veteran or new fans alike to come together and enjoy discussion and events. As well as games we host on our forum from roleplay to strategy based! And don’t forget we also offer a great amount for our Members, in our Member Exclusive Section including Character Renders, OSTs and much more!

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You can also join us through Steam where we share focused news regarding KOEI-Tecmo’s involvement on Steam along with organising and playing Steam game events with each other.

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You can also follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with all the KOEI-Tecmo news and events from us here at KOEI Warriors: Conquerors!

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Want to check out all the videos that we produce? Then hop onto our YouTube channel and subscribe so you’ll be notified every time we upload something new!

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